Kenya Women In Logistics & Transport Gala Dinner

8TH MARCH 2024

Cetified Logistics Professional (CPD) Training Program 2024

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Our Services

Include but not limited to;

Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain Management is the strategic coordination of business functions within a company with the aim of achieving the most efficient movement and storage of goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Modern Supply Chains are often highly complex, and involve intricate organisation and optimisation, sometimes requiring the maintenance and management of third parties within the supply chain.

Transport consultancy

We provide Transport Consultancy for national, regional or global setups and incorporate literally all forms of transport. We also work with local authorities and advise on improving public transport.

LoB has a flexible approach. We can help from a ‘light- touch’ to ‘heavy-lift’, dependent on your needs. So how do you know what is right for your organisation?

Customer Service Training

In any service industry, meeting the needs of customers is always a top priority for companies. And customer service in logistics is also a leading concern in the logistics industry.

It is the loyalty of customers and the rate at which customers reuse logistics services is a measure of success in the field of customer care of each business.

Kenya Women In Logistics &
Transport Gala Dinner

Kenya Supermarket & Retailers Awards 2022

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