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Logistics Board is a dynamic and highly successful training company, with a rapidly growing client base, which includes some of the World’s great companies. We work in a highly collaborative way, putting quality, integrity and client satisfaction first. Training associates who work for us enjoy this way of working and value the development of long-term business relationships and diverse networks.

Each of our associate trainers is professionally qualified. They are carefully chosen for their experience, professionalism, dynamism and ability to engage with a wide audience.

We are committed to attracting experienced professionals who will contribute to our mission of delivering high-quality training solutions to our valued clients.

General requirements, background experience & qualities we look for in our trainers

If your background and qualifications are a good match to these listed, send your CV to

  • a Senior Logistics & Transport Practitioner with high level of academic qualification with broad industry experience
  • A minimum of 5 years as an independent training consultant
  • Engages well and adapts communication style to audience levels and areas of expertise
  • Collaborates with clients and colleagues to achieve collective goals
  • Demonstrates integrity in all business decisions
  • Designs and delivers highly interactive training programs that achieve client business and participant learning goals
  • Highly facilitative style of training delivery
  • Strong coaching skills
  • Organised and punctual
  • Delivers consistent, high-quality results

Meet Our Talented Team at Logistics Board

Our consulting team brings a wide range of hands-on experience in the supply chain and logistics sector, with each member having anywhere from 10 to over 30 years of practical knowledge. Since 2004 the team of specialist consultants has completed work for many distinguished clients across a range of sectors from SMEs to global corporations including supermarkets, fashion retailers, FMCG and industrial manufacturers, wholesalers, and third-party logistics companies.

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