National Logistics Day 28th June 2022

National Logistics Day is celebrated on June 28 every year to honor the work of the hardworking professionals in the logistics sector. It plays a huge role in the progress of the economy, especially in a country like Kenya. Everything that you order online reaches you through a vast network of Distributors, Shippers, and Transporters who take care that you receive the correct item on time and in perfect condition, regardless of the distance or weather.

1. It honors the Unsung Heroes of the Economy
We normally know very little about the hard work that logistics professionals put in to make our lives comfortable. Many of them spend days in the open sea without any internet access. They even spend important holidays working in warehouses and on the road instead of being with their families. National Logistics Day helps us recognize and appreciate the dedication of these people.

2. It Makes us Responsible Consumers
By knowing how far goods have to travel before reaching our homes, we can make better decisions about the food, clothes, and other products that we buy. The longer that something travels before reaching our stores, the greater its environmental impact. If we understand the logistics networks, we can choose to buy goods that are delivered from nearby locations.

3. It Supports Local Communities
It is important to support local businesses such as farms and factories situated near our communities as these can be cheaper because of the shorter distance. Not only does this help us save money but it also helps small, local businesses to flourish without having to spend large amounts on transporting their products to distant markets and communities.

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