Warehousing Consultation

A fundamental contributor and facilitator within most distribution networks, warehouses are responsible for the execution of a variety of roles well beyond simply storing and handling pallets of goods.

Logistics Board (LoB) warehouse consultants bring experience of many warehouse design and warehouse improvement projects; having successfully completed projects in many industry sectors; of which clients include supermarkets, consumer goods and industrial manufacturers, automotive parts suppliers, and third-party logistics companies.

Traditionally used for a mixture of manufacturing, storage, and distribution purposes; in recent years the growth of e-commerce and the expansion of many companies into foreign markets have brought new challenges to warehouse operations.

The LoB specialist warehouse consultants can provide services that result in increased level single-item-picking, greater involvement in ‘value adding’ tasks such as configuration and customisation, and more returns handling. Our warehouse consultants contribute to a requirement for better management and maintenance of well-established methods to design warehouse solutions and to increase capacity and productivity within existing operations.

Our highly experienced warehouse consultants all have significant Operational and Management experience. The warehouse design consultants’ expertise extends to the specification of storage and handling equipment, and the design of operational methods and processes.

LoB warehouse consultants approach:

  • New Build design and re-configuration of existing warehouse, picking and distribution facilities
  • Optimised facility design/ layout, handling practices and workflows
  • Warehouse and inventory management techniques to optimise workflow and costs
  • Cost to serve, travel times and pick rate modelling to support optimised layouts
  • KPI development and Performance Management
  • Warehouse Management and Inventory Optimisation
  • Automation and Materials Handling Systems design and development
  • Tactical stock location(s) and picking strategies 
  • Improved demand forecasting to allow for optimised inventory
  • WMS Operational Requirements Specifications
  • Optimised target inventories (holding cost vs. ordering cost vs. service)
  • Optimised distribution network design and appropriate cost modelling
  • Logistics Network and individual Distribution Centre capacity assessments
  • Warehouse Design, Layout & MHE Planning
  • Vehicle fleet profiling and resource requirements aligned with DC and customer requirements
  • Implementation of Customs & Bonded (Excise) Warehouse facilities in accordance with HMRC procedures

The LoB warehouse consultants will work closely with your company’s team to ensure that the options considered and the rationale behind our recommendations are well understood. As with all projects, LoB take an evidence-based approach, analysing data from systems and observing existing operations to gain a clear picture of a client’s specific requirements and constraints.

Utilising our industry networks, and close working connections, the LoB warehouse consultants are always readily able to point clients in the right direction of potential suppliers or run competitive tenders on your behalf.

Additionally, the LoB specialist warehouse consultants are able to provide predicted benchmark productivity rates for warehouse activities and advise on the design and adoption of performance measurement regimes, best suited to their client’s specific project requirements.

Our warehouse consultants and logistics team are highly expert in reviewing current processes and operations, developing solutions for all areas of materials handling, procurement, and warehouse and inventory management including tactical stock locations.

This is in addition to picking processes, inventory control and demand planning, vendor support operations, warehouse performance; and cost measurement with specific expertise in e-fulfilment operations.

The warehouse consultants provide analysis and solutions specific to your requirements with clear and concise rationale and where appropriate cost and tested.

SCCG clients also benefit from the company’s in-house CAD facilities, as standard, for warehouse layouts, racking configuration, automation, and MHE and logistics resource planning.

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