Customer Service Training

In any service industry, meeting the needs of customers is always a top priority for companies. And customer service in logistics is also a leading concern in the logistics industry. It is the loyalty of customers and the rate at which customers reuse logistics services is a measure of success in the field of customer care of each business.

Logistics is a crucial component in the efficiency of many companies. Without a good logistics plan as part of your supply chain, then getting goods to markets – or receiving raw goods – becomes a difficult task. But in order for logistics activities to operate smoothly, there is another crucial component to be considered: customer service.

Without a good level of communication and an efficient level of customer service, then any logistics chain will not operate as well as it should. Providing good customer service and communications as part of your logistics services is essential to success.

Whether you call it Service Excellence, Customer Service, Customer Care or Customer Experience, it all boils down to the same thing. The Customers’ and how your organization is creating value for them so they keep coming back.

We believe that when a customer buys a product or a service, they also buy an experience. For customers to keep coming back, their experiences must be memorable across all points of interaction with the organization. Not just once in a while, but consistently.

LoB  will guide your Management Team and other Service Champions, to develop a Service Strategy that will:

  1. Articulate your Customer Experience, define/refine Service Standards and identify staff attitudes and behaviors required to deliver the Promise;
  2. Instill ownership and gain commitment to the Service Strategy across the organization

We deliver Certification, Customized and Open Training Programmes. All our programmes are designed to develop and enhance staff’s understanding and appreciation of the role of service excellence to an organization’s success, impart critical customer service knowledge and skills and promote customer-centric behaviour and attitudes.

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